Advanced PSU Kit (Discontinued)


-Boosted PSU Board
-Battery Charger Board w/ Microcontroller
-Battery Status LED
-DC Barrel Jack (or +$15 USB-C Power Delivery Upgrade)
-Wiring Kit
-MPC1000 Mounting Kit (or +$15 MPC2500/MPC2000XL Mounting Kit Upgrade)
-Optional Battery Mount Add-on. 4-cell (+$6) or 8-cell (+$10)
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UPDATE (6/26/2021)
There’s a new battery option for those of you who would prefer not to build a battery pack. Check out the Battery Pack Mounting Kit for more details.


PLEASE NOTE: Battery Assembly Required. No batteries included.

Advanced kit which can make your MPC completely portable. With the DIY battery mounting kit, you will need to build your own battery pack. With a 4-cell 4S 18650 2500mAh battery, about 3 hours of operation can be achieved when fully charged.* Use a 45W (minimum) 18-20V DC adapter (or a 45W 20V USB-C power adapter) to charge the battery and operate your MPC simultaneously. Compatible DC adapters will be listed on this site.

You are purchasing this kit, because you are confident and capable of assembling your own battery pack. You can find YouTube videos on building a 4S battery just to get a sense of the kind of work that is involved. Tutorials specific to this kit will be provided on this site.



This is a self-install kit, you are proceeding at your own risk. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Please ensure you know proper safety and handling of electronics. By continuing with your purchase, Modular Sound, ADJP LLC, is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries that may occur.

Regarding the 2000XL… Successful testing has only been done on a bare-bones MPC2000XL with a CF reader and upgraded LCD. No FX, No 8-Out board. No internal SCSI Drive. There is no final confirmation about this working on a fully loaded configuration.


* Tests were done on an MPC1000 with an internal SD-SSD conversion. Battery runtime will vary due to different configurations for the MPC. Your mileage may vary. Expect less runtime if you have more components.

Additional information


+5V, 3A, +12V, 2A, -12V, 0.5A


17V-20V, 45W

Battery Type

18650 Battery Pack – 4S1P (4-cell), 4S2P (8-cell)