Basic PSU Kit (Discontinued)


-Basic PSU Board
-DC Barrel Jack (or +$15 USB-C Power Delivery Upgrade)
-Wiring Kit
-MPC1000 Mounting Kit (or +$10 MPC2000XL/MPC2500 Mounting Kit Upgrade)
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Basic kit to convert an AC powered MPC to DC powered. With this kit, power your MPC with a 45W 15-20V DC adapter. For example, the DC adapter used for the MPC Live will work with this- which is rated at 19V, 3.42A (over 60W.) With the optional USB-C input port, this allows operation with a 45W 20V USB-C power adapter or an external battery power bank capable of outputting 45W 20V through its USB-C output. With the MPC1000, you can get away with a 30W 15-20V adapter because of its lower max power requirements compared to the MPC2500 and the MPC2000XL. Compatible DC adapters will be listed on this website. No battery included.



This is a self-install kit, you are proceeding at your own risk. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Please ensure you know proper safety and handling of electronics. By continuing with your purchase, Modular Sound, ADJP LLC, is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries that may occur.

Regarding the 2000XL… Successful testing has only been done on a bare-bones MPC2000XL with a CF reader and upgraded LCD. No FX, No 8-Out board. No internal SCSI Drive. There is no final confirmation about this working on a fully loaded configuration.