Boosted PSU Kit (Discontinued) – MPC1000 ONLY


-Boosted PSU Board
-DC Barrel Jack (5.5 x 2.1)
-Wiring Kit
-MPC1000 Mounting Kit
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Portable option that allows your MPC1000 to operate from an external 12V, 3A output battery pack or similar rated DC adapter. Only tested on the MPC1000 because of its lower max power requirements compared to the MPC2500 and the MPC2000XL. Only available for the MPC1000 at the moment. Compatible battery packs and DC adapters will be listed on this site. Battery packs, featured below, not included.


Over 2 hours of runtime was accomplished using both the TalentCell YB1203000 and YB1203000-USB.


TalentCell YB1203000 (link)





TalentCell YB1203000-USB (link)





The bigger YB1206000 and YB1206000-USB, has double the capacity which means it should get over4 hours of runtime.

TalentCell YB1206000 (link)






TalentCell YB1206000-USB (link)





Check out this install video courtesy of LUGO.


This is a self-install kit, you are proceeding at your own risk. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Please ensure you know proper safety and handling of electronics. By continuing with your purchase, Modular Sound, ADJP LLC, is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries that may occur.